Fan lists Watkins jerseys for sale as ‘Bills toilet paper or kindling’

ERIE COUNTY, N.Y. — In the market for Buffalo Bills toilet paper or
kindling? Eddie Miller says if so, you’re not alone.

“It has been non-stop messaging, comments, reactions, likes; I
don’t even know how to handle it right now,” said Miller, an East
Aurora resident.

Miller says he bought a dozen Sammy Watkins jerseys two weeks ago
from a store offering a deal way below the $145 sticker price. He sold
them online, and with just a few left, he heard the news.

“All of a sudden, Sammy’s gone, and I don’t know what to do
with them,” he said.

So, he lowered the price, gave the listing an eye-catching title on
Facebook, and started seeing results.

“I just shipped one to Orlando about an hour ago,” he said.

Miller doesn’t have a Watkins jersey of his own, but says when
players leave the team, there aren’t many options when it comes to
what to do with their gear.

“Throw them in the closet, let them collect dust. Nothing much
else you can really do with them,” he said.

Buffalo Sports in Blasdell is one of the spots some of those items
can get a second chance. It’s bought traded players’ gear from
customers in the past, but this situation’s a little different.

“We don’t typically buy when a big name player like that gets
traded, because there’s not a lot of people looking to buy them after
that,” said store manager Michael Lograsso.

No calls on Watkins or Ronald Darby gear yet, but Lograsso says it’s
likely just a matter of time.

As for Miller, he says he’s OK with the trades.

“He was a great player,” he said of Watkins. “He has
a glass foot. Glad to see him gone. Hopefully, these (jerseys) are
gone, too.”

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