FBI experts to speak at workshop on terror financing

FBI experts to speak at workshop on terror financing

 26 Sep 2017 – 2:10

Participants during the training workshop on fighting terrorism financing.

A training workshop on fighting terrorism financing began yesterday, organised by Qatar’s National Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Committee (NAMLC) in cooperation with the National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NATC).

A number of lecturers from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will lead the five-day workshop, attended by representatives from different entities of law enforcement and financial and banking sectors.

The workshop addresses different topics on terrorism financing and ways to prove it for prosecution. It also discusses investigation tools and its procedures, in addition to gathering evidence and using advanced sources and techniques on the topic. The workshop will also touch on money flows, methods of gathering information, movement of funds, emerging financial technology and other related topics.

NAMLC Secretary-General, Essa Mohammed Al Hardan, said the workshop is held in cooperation with the FBI with relevant entities invited to it, in hope that the workshop will contribute to strengthening the involved bodies and help develop mutual coordination and cooperation, which in turn will reflect at the national level.

In his opening speech, Al Hardan said the committee always hosts important workshops and training sessions after the inauguration of the training center and providing all the required facilities.

In pursuit of strengthening the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing system, a training plan was developed to include all national entities to enhance efforts and implement regional and international entitlements, Al Hardan added.

NATC Rapporteur Lieutenant Khaled Ali Al Kaabi said the workshop is a continuation to the efforts the State of Qatar makes as part of the global system of fighting terrorism financing, to contain it and reduce its effects.

Al Kaabi said the workshop comes as continuation to the established cooperation and coordination between the State and the friendly United States in this field, which goes back to several years and include workshops, agreements, letters of intent, memoranda of understanding and most recently the memorandum of understanding on fighting terrorism financing that was signed in July.

Al Kaabi expressed his confidence that the workshop will provide a good opportunity to the participants to share experiences related to strengthening global cooperation on the subject.

Meanwhile, FBI attache at the US embassy in Doha said the workshop is a result of constructive cooperation between the State of Qatar and the US.

He said the workshop will also discuss the challenges and efforts exerted in the field of combating terrorism financing, expressing his gratitude to the entities that organized the workshop, its lecturers and attendees.


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