Federal Regulators Approve NEXUS Pipeline, Experts Say Project to Bring 3.3K Jobs to Ohio, Mich.

                                                             (NEXUS Gas Transmission/ Map)

August 28, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Federal authorities green-light the controversial NEXUS natural gas pipeline.

The pipeline is set to run across Northwest Ohio, bringing natural gas from Shales in Appalachia into Michigan, and Ontario, Canada.

The approval comes amidst ongoing protests by local residents who are concerned about the environmental impact of construction, and subsequent operation of the pipeline.

The project will create roughly 3,300 jobs in Ohio and Michigan, but protesters say it will be running too close to a water treatment plant.

Environmental concerns aren’t the only factor fueling opposition to the pipeline.

Some local municipalities and landowners say construction will hurt local property prices.

The $2 billion pipeline is scheduled for completion next year, and will transport 1.5 billion cubic feet of gas per day, boosting Shale gas production profitability in the region.

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