‘First Utility hiked my bills because I’m not online’

I am 85 and joined First Utility in 2014. I paid £66 a month by direct debit for gas and electricity and gave the firm my meter readings in the first week of each month.

When my contract ended late in 2016 I gave First Utility my readings and discussed the prices for my new contract. We agreed £70 per month. Then, contrary to that arrangement, I was told that my direct debit would be for £78 per month.

JM, West Yorks.

You report that you were told the £70 per month deal would not apply after all because you had not carried out the change online. You do not believe this had been a problem in the past. So it lost you as a customer as you switched to another provider. 

Then a bill came from First Utility for £22 while you believed it owed you £100. You challenged this and were told that you actually owed £411.

In fact First Utility said: “After we offered him the cheapest deal, which at the time was a tariff only available online, we emailed a direct link to simplify the process. 

“We are sorry that Mr M found it difficult to successfully switch his tariff online and we apologise for the undue stress he experienced during the process.” 

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