Freak waterspout rips through Scarborough, flipping cars and tearing down walls


A waterspout coming from the ocean ripped a trail of destruction through Scarborough on Sunday, lifting up cars and even knocking down a brick wall. 

The waterspout hit land just before 12 noon, swirling over West Coast highway onto the White Sands Tavern car park at around 90 km/h.

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Waterspout rips through Scarborough

A weather front has ripped through Scarborough, lifting up cars, and even knocking down a brick wall. Nine News Perth

Nine News Perth reported the bizarre sight caused some to run for cover, and the force of the weather phenomenon was so powerful it lifted up a car off the ground.

Debris went flying into the air and it even ripped down a brick wall.

Scarborough resident Cold Walsh filmed the destruction at the car park shortly after the event, saying the “tornado busted everything up.”

“It tore down a wall, it’s absolute destruction,” he said

“It ripped everything up, took the whole pole down and everything.”

The roof of a Coles loading dock had also caved in by the sheer force of the tornado-like spout.

The Bureau of Meteorology said the waterspout formed not far off the coast, bringing with it the damaging winds.

Nine News reporter Elizabeth Creasey said these waterspouts usually develop over water and don’t make to to land.


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