French Cars May Make A Comeback In The U.S. After All: Report

When you’re in Europe, you can always pick out the American car nerds because something perfectly ordinary, like a Peugeot 208, can roll by and we’ll absolutely lose our shit over it. Well, maybe we’ll be losing our shit stateside soon!

Speaking with PSA Group CEO Carlos Tavares at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Automotive News learned that the company is planning on returning to North America! Its upcoming generation of cars are being engineered to fit our regulations!

From the highly exciting but rather short story:

“That means that from three years down the road we’ll be able to push the button, if we decide to do so, in terms of product compliance vis-a-vis the U.S. regulations,” he said.

Tavares said PSA already has decided which of its brands — Peugeot, Citroen or upscale DS — will be the first to appear on U.S. roads but isn’t ready to announce the decision.

The automaker says its return will be a 10-year effort, beginning this year with partnerships in car-sharing and mobility services.

Realistically, it’s probably going to be DS. DS is more upscale and would likely attract the most American buyers.

But if you were to leave it up to dorks like us, we’d have the Citroën Cactus, hands down, no questions asked. God, I hope this is true.

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