From smart suitcases to waterproof speakers, the best travel gadgets for your summer holidays

Jetting off on our holidays is one of the most exciting times of the year, but on top of the hundreds of chargers crammed into your suitcase, there’s a whole other world of intriguing travel gadgets just waiting to be discovered.

We’ve picked out some of the most innovative tech items on the market right now that are perfect for your next summer holiday, from suitcase locks you can only open via an app on your phone, to portable Wi-Fi boxes, and even the perfect bluetooth speaker to take around the pool.

The world’s first smart suitcase, £279

Bluesmart One is the suitcase that does it all. No, really

Forget Samsonite, THIS is now the coolest suitcase on the block, with an array of smart features that make us feel like we’re about to travel in a spaceship rather than a packed flight out of Gatwick.

Never worry about your luggage going missing ever again, as the Bluesmart has a built-in GPS that you can track all around the world, as well as a built-in power bank to charge your phone, scale to make sure you don’t have to pay a fortune for going over your luggage allowance and even a digital lock to keep thieves out. All controlled by your phone, of course.

Credit card sized power bank, £8.59

2000mAh of power, in the tiny form of a bank card

When you’re travelling for hours with not much else to do apart from scroll aimlessly through your phone, our beloved battery can take a little bit of a beating.

A credit card sized power bank keeps your juice levels – and peace of mind – up and fits comfortably into your wallet, passport holder or pocket, if you don’t want to keep reorganising your hand luggage every few minutes.

A drone with a camera, £59.99

The ideal drone for first timers

Nothing says I’m on holiday quite like a slew of artistic pictures on social media. Out-do everyone by investing in a drone, which will let you take beautiful aerial shots of the city, beach or wherever else you’re staying.

While there’s plenty of drones to choose from, this reasonably priced offering from Currys is perfect for first time drone users.

Smart padlock you open with your phone, £39.98

Make sure you – and only you – can access your stuff

Instead of going all out on a completely smart suitcase, pick up a cheap one from Amazon, and invest in this smart padlock to keep your possessions safe, instead.

Simply unlock the padlock with an app on your phone, and you’ll never have to remember a code or worry about losing your key ever again.

A portable Wi-Fi box, £71.99

The handy LCD screen lets you know exactly how much battery you have left

When most of us can’t afford to turn on our data for more than an hour on holiday, and putting up with the free hotel Wi-Fi is enough to make even the kindest of people leave a bad TripAdvisor review, there’s only one solution: bring your own.

The TP-Link is a so-called MiFi box that lets you share an internet connection from one sim with up to ten devices, so you only pay once but all your kids, parents, holiday friends can get involved.

Waterproof GoPro, £149

Attach it to yourself and start capturing your holiday in real time

Whether you’re going on an action holiday or just to swim in the sea, capture the great outdoors and some solid memories of your trip with a GoPro.

This GoPro HERO Session Full HD Action Cam is the smallest, lightest GoPro yet, with the same professional image quality that made GoPro so famous.

The durable and waterproof bluetooth speaker, £24.69

It works via Bluetooth, meaning it’s super portable for taking around with you

A fully waterproof speaker covered in a bouncy rubber that’s perfect for taking to the beach with you, using as you sit round the pool or attaching to you as you head off for a hike.

It boasts an array of dazzling reviews on Amazon, with many people appreciating its decent base sound.

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