Gas prices not expected to surge in Mid-South due to Hurricane Irma, experts say

by: Tony Atkins

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Following Hurricane Harvey, average gas prices in Memphis went up more than 30 cent per gallon. Those costs created concerns for many drivers worried about Hurricane Irma’s arrival onto the U.S.

Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst at GasBuddy, has been in Tallahassee since Friday.

He’s one of a handful of experts brought in to provide data to state and federal leaders as they prepare for Irma.

“Our role is getting the government the things they need in terms of gas shortages, outages, and what’s happening and what’s going on at the pumps,” he said.

Here in Memphis, an average gallon of gas is at about $2.52.

That number spiked from the $2.18 it was when Harvey formed late last month.

DeHaan says things will be a lot different with Irma because, unlike Houston, many refineries won’t be in the way.

“With Irma, there’s really not any infrastructure at risk. Just one small refinery in Georgia,” he said.

Memphis prices have seen a slight dip in the past few days.


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