GOFTGO: Afghan, Pakistani Experts Analyze US Strategy

US President Donald Trump’s decision to intensify US involvement in Afghanistan has been met with doubt and frustration in Pakistan as officials in Afghanistan widely welcomed the new war plan.
They also see it as a step forward towards putting more pressure on militant groups and countries that the Afghan government believes are harboring insurgents, particularly the Taliban.
This program is hosted jointly by Sami Mahdi, from TOLOnews in Kabul, and Munizae Jahangir of Pakistan’s Aaj TV from Lahore.
The Pakistani analysts in this program say that the newly­-announced US strategy is not a new issue for the two neighboring countries.
However, Afghan panelists said the new strategy is a chance for Pakistan to use it to boost bilateral ties with Afghanistan and assist in building peace and stability in the region.
The guests are:
·         Afrasiab Khattak, chairman of Pakistan’s Awami Milli Party
·         Assad Munir, former member of Pakistan ISI – Inter-Services Intelligence agency
·         Sher Mohammad Karimi, former chief of army staff of Afghanistan
·         Mujib Rahman Rahimi, spokesman for Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah

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