Grandmother of five Debbie Flitcroft, who has never been abroad before, has won £10,000 to spend on foreign trips (From The Bolton News)

A GRANDMOTHER who has never been abroad has won £10,000 to spend on luxury foreign holidays.

Debbie Flitcroft won the vouchers plus another £10,000 in spending money after taking part in a Betfred lottery.

The grandmother of five and mother-of-three, aged 52, has never been on holiday except for one afternoon in Blackpool – and the windfall is just the tonic as she continues her recovery from a cancer operation.

The former pub cleaner, of Deane Church Lane, Deane, said: “I have been brought up being told what you have never had you will never miss.

“Trouble is I have never had a passport…sadly never needed one. The only place I have ever been on holiday is Blackpool and that was only for a day about eight years ago. I just wanted to see what it was like putting my feet in the sand and having a little paddle in the sea which I did with one of my toddler grandchildren who is now aged eleven.

“People are all saying we should go to Spain now but from what I know all that happens there is drinking in the sun.

“I don’t mind admitting going on a plane might be frightening but I don’t really know because I have never been on one. Maybe I will go on a short flight to Paris and see how I go on.

“Malta has always appealed to me. I have heard they speak a lot of English there. We could end up on a luxury cruise which would be nice if I can’t cope with a long flight – and maybe we can go somewhere abroad where there is plenty of sunshine and have the best family Christmas holiday ever.”

More than ten thousand Betfred punters, who had all lost on 49s or cashball lottery tickets during the week, went into a draw with mother of three Debbie, picked out as the “lucky loser” – and as it was the end of the bookie’s travel the world promotion she also won Thomas Cook holiday vouchers worth £10,000.

Debbie, married to Robert, added: “It was only a £2 bet that lost on numbers that I’m always changing. It is brilliant news because my health has not been great after my cancer operation two years ago and I suffer from brittle bones. It is a nice problem having to think where in the world to go on a fantastic holiday. I’m made up, I really am.

“Robert who is a welder has to work seven days a week so we can make ends meet. We’re going to pay off a £3,000 credit card bill, buy a nice lamb wool rug, a new fireplace with a fake flame, microwave, a gold necklace for me and a St Christopher necklace for Robert which will be a great surprise as he’s lost his. “Money has always been tight with me last working as a pub cleaner for £50 a week and before that at bakery doing shifts for £200 a week. As well as the treats we can now afford and the holidays, the three children are getting £300 each and five grandchildren £100 each.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “Never at Betfred or possibly in the betting industry as a whole has there been a more deserving winner. I hope Betfred regular Debbie gets herself sorted with a passport and enjoys a great holiday.”

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