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As a dad of three kids under five I avoid going away during school holiday periods like the plague.

The flights are expensive, the beaches are crowded and the hotels are full to the brim! For that reason, while I don’t have kids in school, I stay close to home when a fair chunk of the city heads out of town.

And as I look around the open homes there are many more just like me.

For years agents have talked about school holidays when they are setting up marketing campaigns.

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You see listing numbers reduce and advertisements in the paper drop back. But does it really affect the result that much?

Over the last two weeks I have sold many properties, in fact our New Farm office will likely smash its previous record and the buyers of these were seemingly unaffected by the break.

I have also noticed a large number of people using technology to view property and the using other services to buy those properties.

media_cameraSchool holidays shouldn’t have a major impact on finding a buyer according to auctioneer Haesley Cush.

Which means they could be chilling on the beach and buying at the same time.

We had one buyer last week who was bidding on the phone from Vanuatu while their competition sent a buyer’s agent along to bid for them.

From the other side of the fence last week a New Farm vendor commented on the number of new listings that had hit the market since Spring.

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Similarly there will be even more next week after the school holidays. These owners are waiting for a wave a buyers to come back from holidays and sure there will be more buyers in the market, but there will also now be more properties for them to chose from.

As a rule real estate is a now business. There will always be a reason to wait. But with most of us spending our holidays with a phone on the hip and using the time to catch up on some household administration, buying a property during a break is seemingly up there on the agenda, is probably an easier time for some to do it and for the rest of us without kids at school the holidays are simple a welcome break from traffic congestion for a week or so.

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