Health problems cause woman to lose job, fall behind on bills


A local woman is alive thanks to a miracle, but she said the massive kidney stone she survived has caused health complications to snowball – forcing her out of her two jobs.

Sheree Beckley had a 5.5 millimeter kidney stone that was close to killing her. It had grown larger than a pencil eraser in three years.

When doctors tried to remove it, toxic shock syndrome poisoned her organs putting her on life support.

The day her kids had to decide her fate her organs started to respond, sparing her life.

Although she survived, she is now dealing with the damage.

“But now I have, I can’t hear out of my left ear. I have my feet that are terrible and I can barely walk on them. I have memory loss too, real bad,” Beckley said.

Her feet are suffering from gangrene – a condition that occurs when body tissue dies.

She is unable to stand for long periods, which forced her to leave her job.

Beckley, now 61, has been working for 45 years. She even picked up a second job just for fun on the weekends before her health issues. Without her jobs she has fallen behind on rent.

Beckley has reached out to the government for assistance to stay in her apartment that has been her home for years, but she has come up empty handed.

With options running low, Beckley’s coworkers reached out to the TV5 Rescue Squad to see if anyone could help.

As a hard worker, Beckley is devastated over what she has to do.

“Since all this, I’m about to lose my apartment. I had to do the GoFundMe and that’s so embarrassing to me. It’s so embarrassing,” Beckley said.

After escaping death, her hope is to get her job and independence back.

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