Heartland financial expert gives advice on retirement

(Source: Hank Cavagnaro/KFVS)


Retirement is supposed to be a time to relax but saving up for that time can be stressful. That’s where a good plan can really come in handy.

Some like the Dillows, who live in Jackson, have been saving for awhile and now get the chance to actually retire.

“Yes, you got to have a plan,” said Beverly Dillow. “You know you work so hard for it and you get yourself financially ready but it’s a whole different thing if you’re mentally ready, I’m not quite there yet.”

Beverly still works currently but her husband Mike has been retired since January. 

“And you can tell they’ve always been disciplined,” said Derieck Hodges, the Dillows Financial planner.

He says that not everyone needs the same amount to retire. Some will need more due to the want to travel and other things. But it’s really a moving target that people are aiming at.

“You keep refining it, and over the years you keep reviewing and making adjustments,” he said. “A lot of people live right up to their income, that makes it hard to save.”

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