Hendersonville Car Burglar Caught In The Act

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. – A Hendersonville teenager was caught breaking into cars on Tuesday and arrested after a short pursuit after employees at a local law office confronted the young man then chased after him into the woods.

Elizabeth Pryce, a secretary at Boiano and Boiano, noticed the door of her SUV was open then realized someone was still inside.

Pryce and two lawyers from the firm went out to confront the young man who allegedly stole a wedding ring and prescriptions drugs from her car.

“We went and confronted him and he bolted!” she said.

Pryce, wearing heels and a dress took off after the teenager. Two lawyers from her firm and Hendersonville Police also joined in the chase that lasted about 15 minutes.

“I stop running because I was in high heels and a dress and I’m not going to be able to catch anyone like that,” she recalled.

Hendersonville Police arrested the 15-year-old and booked him into the juvenile detention center. 

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