Here’s the latest problem if you’re heading on holidays from Dublin airport

Queues, queues and you guessed it, more queues.

You would think that once you book a holiday and save up for it that all your problems would be gone completely until you return home.

How wrong you are.

The morning of your flight can be very hectic with some last minute packing and ‘checks’ taking place before you head out the door.

Did you pack enough clothes? Have you got your passport? Where did you put the boarding passes? All of these worries mean you end up leaving the house later than you intended to.

Well, make sure to have all of these checks done the night before as new advice from those travelling from Dublin Airport means you have to be there extremely early.

According to the Irish Examiner people who are heading on their holidays from Dublin airport this weekend are being advised to arrive at least three hours before their flight sets off.

The reason for this is apparently because there are major delays at European borders as heightened security checks are taking place.

Irish Travel agents have asked to meet up with the Department of Justice to highlight the problem which will affect those who are jetting off at the start of August.

The news comes after Dublin Airport’s busiest summer ever is causing massive parking pressure with parking spots becoming very scarce around the Airport.

Hold on a sec…

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