Here’s why curated luxury holidays are a growing trend among Indian corporate travellers

The festive season is here and so are the holidays. To immerse yourself in curated breaks, visit Mumbai and try the ongoing state-run thematic ‘Ganpati Tours’ to visit Ganesha pandals across the city. Soon, Bakri-Eid (Sept 2), Onam (Sept 3-4), Dussehra (Sept 30) along with Durga Puja festivities and also Haj pilgrimage preparations will make the travel sector go abuzz with heightened number of flights and attractive festive offers. As schools and offices offer a festival break, take your family on a curated vacation where the theme can revolve around interests of your folks. We suggest, you include Sports as a pivotal reason to cheer or to learn from experts. Enjoy the slick spread today.

Up, up and away with your loved one
Serengeti National Park & Cappadocia

Here’s your chance to see Africa’s most amazing wildlife from a vantage point up in the sky. We suggest you book a hot-air balloon safari over Serengeti National Park and spot great migration of gnus (antelope) or wildebeests.

Cappadocia in Turkey
The ancient landscape of Cappadocia in Turkey presents a fabulous opportunity to turn a hot-air balloon ride into an awe-inspiring romantic tale. It’s the land of the famed fairy chimneys of Goreme – volcanic rock formations eroded by wind and rain to form giant spires that rise out of the ground. Views from a hot-air balloon include the surrounding vineyards, orchards and valleys. Balloon tours generally start in time to catch the sunrise as it offers the best light for photography.

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