High winds destroys man’s garage with four cars inside in Fulton, Illinois

FULTON, Illinois–  Friday night’s storm left some luckier than others in Fulton, Illinois.

Longtime resident Fritz Jordan has one of the worse homes hit after high winds knocked down almost every tree in his backyard and caved in the garage roof.

Four of his cars were inside, including a burgundy 1950’s Ford Hot Rod, he restored.

” This is my livelihood out here, I don`t go fishing or hunting. I tinker with cars… It makes you sick you know?” says Jordan, who once owed Fritz’s Auto Repair.

“…We had a body shop, a mechanical repair shop, used cars, tow trucks, whatever you needed to make a living you know,” says Jordan.

Now that he is retired, Jordan still used his garage to work on his cars. Although each car damaged is insured, he’s not sure if some are worth saving.

In the meantime, neighbors, family and friends stopped by to help clean up the broken trees left behind. Many helping with the clean up say, that’s simply what neighbors do.

“There’s been a lot of people who couldn’t help move tree branches, but they brought.. water (and) they brought down food. Everybody is doing whatever they can,” says Ernie Rock, Jordan’s neighbor from down the road.

Crews from Fulton Township were out early Saturday morning cleaning up some of the down trees,  anyone in town who want’s an extra hand with clean efforts should contact the sheriff’s department.


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