Hilary Duff’s LA home burglarized, what experts say you can do to avoid being the next target

HOLLYWOOD–Social media– it’s the platform where everyone can ‘modestly brag’ about their lives through restaurant check-ins and travel pictures.

But sometimes, digital over-sharing comes at a cost.

Police said Hilary Duff’s Los Angeles home was burglarized Sunday while she was on vacation in Canada with her son.

The Lizzie McGuire star did not shy away from posting about her trip on Instagram and some are wondering if that’s what made her a target to thieves.

Mark Novosad, president of Digital Alarm System, a home security company in Houston, said what you post online can be one of the main reasons your house becomes the next target.

“About anything that you post, any pictures that you take, anything that you post on social media, you might as well assume that it’s common knowledge. It can be accessed by just about anybody and if it happens to be where you leave your cell phone or someone picks up on your texting, you just cannot be too careful about what you do on social media. And there are so many different ways they can pick up on your information,” Novosad said.

It’s not just what you’re sharing that makes you susceptible, Novosad says sometimes intruders can pick up on your routine to figure out when you’ll be away from your house.

“Sometimes they’ll follow you home from the stores and restaurants and try to pick up on your pattern. A lot of times burglaries are random but sometimes you could be just a specific target,” Novosad said.

Security experts say timed lights, surveillance cameras and an alarm system are some of the best deterrents. But watch out, according to Novosad, the average burglary takes just two minutes.

“Hiding your valuables can be much better than a safe or a room with a lock,” Novosad said.

Of course, there’s no way to totally ensure your house never gets broken into, but one thing’s for sure– posting where you are at all times on social media can boost the kind of followers you don’t want!

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