Hillary Clinton Opens Up About Bill’s Infamous Cheating Scandal And Admits Her Presidential Campaign Mistakes ‘Burn Me Up Inside’ In New Memoir

Hillary Clinton finally opened up about her husband Bill Clinton’s cheating scandal, almost two decades after the affair nearly split them up. According to an excerpt from her tell all that is yet to be published, the politician did not think they would stay together at the time.

The betrayal took a huge toll on her as well as on their marriage – naturally, and she didn’t know if they’d get through it.

In the memoir titled What Happened, set to hit shelves on September 12, Hillary writes: ‘We have certainly had dark days in our marriage. There were times I was deeply unsure about whether our marriage could or should survive.’

Despite not getting into detail about what caused their marital crisis, she does hint at the infamous affair of the then president with White House intern Monica Lewinsky by adding, ‘you all know about them [those days].’

The former presidential candidate also explains in the book that the reason why she stayed with Bill was simply that she still loved him.

The two have now been together for no less than four decades!

Also, the book talks about other ‘dark days’ as well, those following her presidential campaign scandals, including her email scandal that lost her many voters.

‘My mistakes burn me up inside,’ she penned.


Will you read Hillary Clinton’s What Happened memoir?

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