Hospitals cancel staff holidays for Ashura | Islamabad


While putting all their departments on high alert, the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Polyclinic and CDA Hospital cancelled holidays of all their staff members for today (Sunday) to meet any emergency on the occasion of Ashura.

PIMS spokesman Dr Wasim Khawaja said the hospital had asked doctors and paramedics to remain on duty during the day besides setting aside 150 beds to handle emergency situation.

He also said medical specialists had been told to ensure their availability on duty.

The spokesman said the hospital had blood and medicine in sufficient quantity in view of possible emergency.

He said the administration had directed all staff members to ensure their cellphones are turned on and that in case of cellular service suspension, they are available on the given landline numbers.

Dr Wasim also said extra security checks were in place on the premises with the deployment of additional guards and strict checking of vehicles.

Polyclinic spokesman Dr Sharif Astori said the hospital was on high alert due to Ashura.  He said the administration`s offices would remain open in the day, while doctors would be on duty. He also said the hospital would send teams to the mourning processions to handle emergencies. 

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