Hotel bills and expenses after Grenfell Tower fire have cost Kensington and Chelsea Council more than £6.3million

HOTEL bills and other costs after the Grenfell Tower fire have so far cost the local council more than £6.3million.

Kensington and Chelsea has paid £4.2 million on survivor’s accommodation since June 14 as revealed in figures under freedom of information rules.

PA:Press Association

More than £6.3m has been spent on hotel bills and costs after Grenfell Tower fire

Other costs include £98,730 on payments to survivors to cover their basic needs, £15,034 on travel and £415,084 on site work at the gutted tower.

Most remain in hotels ten weeks after the fire which killed at least 80.

Local Labour MP Emma Dent Coad said: “First off we have to say that the survivors and evacuees have had such a terrible time we shouldn’t be counting the cost of that – that must be the first thing.

“But secondly, the council for many years has been involved in ‘spend to save’ exercises, which has always gone wrong. This looks more like ‘save to spend’.

“The small amount that they saved on the cladding system, if indeed they did, has cost lives and so far nearly £7 million and it will cost a lot more.

“I think we need to rethink our priorities and put people first always. For £4 million, we could have bought people homes off the market, surely.

 Labour MP Emma Dent Coad says the council is being reactive and not proactive


Labour MP Emma Dent Coad says the council is being reactive and not proactive

“It is, as usual, the council being reactive rather than proactive and wasting our money in the process.”

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