Housing Bills Could Come Up For Votes Friday

California lawmakers could take the first steps Friday towards passing a package of bills that seek to reduce the state’s soaring housing costs, with up to a dozen different bills coming up for votes.

The big question is whether there’s enough support in the Assembly to create two new pots of money to help subsidize affordable housing projects: a one-time infusion through a $4 billion housing bond, and a permanent funding source from a fee on real estate transaction documents.

Assuming all Republicans vote no, every Assembly Democrat would need to back the bills for them to reach the two-thirds supermajorities required for passage. The fate of the real estate fee, in particular, is not yet clear.

If the revenue bills do get through, several measures that seek to make it easier to build more housing units could come up for votes as well. They include efforts to streamline the development process for projects that meet zoning, prevailing wage and other requirements; and measures that would make it harder for cities and counties to evade state housing mandates.

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