Houston pastor checks submerged cars to make sure no one is inside

by: Kimberly Richardson

HOUSTON – A Houston resident captured a beautiful moment when he was among the thousands seeking help during Hurricane Harvey.

Brian Roberson II was on Texas State Highway 288 when he came across a man on top of submerged cars. 

The man told Roberson he was a pastor and wanted to help to make sure no one was in those stranded vehicles.  

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“It was such a powerful visual that shows how we can all do something to look out for each other,” Roberson said. 

The pictures Roberson took show water coming up to the pastor’s chest in some parts. 

Roberson’s aunt, Tera Stidum, said in a Facebook post that Roberson didn’t get the pastor’s name, and only remembers him saying his church is in the Yellowstone area, and starts with “Mt.”

“If you have ANY clue who this man could be, please hit me up,” Stidum said.  

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