How Experts Say to Keep Pets Safe from Heat

DES MOINES, Iowa– This week was filled with high temperatures and a string of animal rescues calls throughout the Metro.

Some head to the pool to beat the heat but letting your pets splash around too is one of the best ways to keep your pets cool too>

“We keep a pool in both of our yards so they can play in the water and walk through it if it gets too hot,” Animal Lifeline Director Martha Wittkowski said.

It’s too hot out for one pup we found named Duke to walk, that’s why his owners carried him.

“It heats up I know if I was walking barefoot across it would hurt my feet and he can’t put shoes on and I don’t want his feet to get burnt,” Des Moines resident Misty Rivera said.

According to the ARL 90 degrees outside, means pavement is 100 degrees, and that’s the same for inside a car.

“We don’t leave him in the car and we take him where ever we go and if we know we are going to be someplace for a while we will leave him at home,” Des Moines resident John Rouse said.

But some people don’t, Friday we told you about a man who left his dog inside the hot car while he shopped.

The dog survived but Wittowski said that’s not always the case.

“It’s sad when they bring them to you and you can’t help them because its past the time,” Wittowski said.

If you see a pet outside in distress call for help.

ARL says they rescue anywhere from three to four animals trapped in a car a day, and most their calls come from good Samaritans.

For more tips on how to keep your pets cool, click here.

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