Insurance Experts At The Ready: Hurricanes Call For An On-Demand Workforce

Hurricane Harvey in Houston left a trail of devastation in its wake. Historic rainfall and flooding have destroyed tens of thousands of homes, vehicles, boats, equipment, and commercial structures.

Numerous homeowners and businesses with insurance are now anxiously awaiting the arrival of claims adjusters. Helping facilitate the claims experience to get them the money they need is critical to people feeling like they can get back to a sense of normalcy.

Also, losing personal effects and places that we call home is something that anyone can relate to but not many people actually experience. That’s why it also helps to provide business and emotional support to these homeowners, vehicle owners, and property owners.

Now, Hurricane Irma is already showing signs of creating similar destruction across the Eastern seaboard. More insurance experts anticipate the need for large insurance adjuster teams for Florida and other Eastern states.

Technology being tested

However, the insurance industry is struggling to keep up with the demand that the first hurricane already created. Those in the field have been working around the clock to help these homeowners and businesses. In fact, many insurance companies are struggling to figure out how they can inspect, appraise, and file claims for such devastation.

And, that is despite the fact that many of these companies are now relying on insurtech solutions and platforms. Although there are signs that insurance technology is helping innovate and improve claim processes, something as monumental as Hurricane Harvey illustrates just how much more work needs to be done.

Answering the call

Yet, it is also natural disasters like this that show how an on-demand model can speed up the claims process. Currently, many companies with traditional workforces are restricted by the limited teams in place. They cannot tap potential additional team members because there is no time for interviews, training, and verification.

But with an on-demand workforce, companies can scale up and down rapidly in response to demand. The problem is, these types of workforce arrangements have, in the past, been very difficult and expensive to maintain. But a new breed of company is bringing the on-demand workforce to the enterprise and making a real difference in the response to Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters.

On the ground and In the air

For example, WeGoLook is a company with an on-demand workforce of over 35,000 “Lookers” across the US and Canada that provides the insurance industry with some very important options in the midst of such high demand. Customers of WeGoLook can order on-demand inspections, assessments, document services, and even pickup/delivery at any time, anywhere, in a matter of minutes.

With immediate and infinite scale, WeGoLook is proving to be an invaluable resource to insurance carriers in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The company, along with many others, have also deployed drones to do some of the survey and assessment work in the harder to reach areas where flood waters remain.

WeGoLook has been working in Houston for the past week. Its parent company, Crawford and Company, is also assisting in the Houston area in many other ways. Together, numerous organizations are working together to return the city to its glory.

However, as opposed to traditional workforces, WeGoLook’s devotion to the efforts in Houston doesn’t take away from its ability to respond to new needs elsewhere, such as Florida if Hurricane Irma comes ashore. Because of its distributed model, WeGoLook has local resources on the ground everywhere and plenty of capacity to assist.

The resiliency of the human spirit shines in

Despite such sad circumstances, there is joy in the fact that people have mobilized quickly to bring relief to those in need, opting to use their time to deliver welcome relief. Natural disasters cannot dampen the human spirit. In times of need, people work together to overcome. If there is any light in the darkness and devastation of these hurricanes it is the desire to help others that shines through.

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