Israel Bonds: Bonds Boost Israel at Holidays, Year-Round

At the opening of the conference that created Israel Bonds, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion said, “Neither our security nor our future is safe, and there is not yet attained the main purpose of the state of Israel.”

These words, spoken almost 70 years ago, are still true today.

Investing in Israel Bonds proclaims that you support a nation that educates, builds and innovates, lives by democracy, liberty, human rights and freedom for all people, and produces technologies that connect, feed and heal the world. Last year The Times of Israel reported, “More than one out of every four of the medicines, treatments and technologies in use today have Israeli roots.”

Every investment, no matter the amount, declares that Israel is our homeland to develop, visit and protect. Israel is our heritage, purpose, identity and responsibility.

Investment options begin at $36. Current terms range from two to 10 years. Most bonds are issued in book-entry form, so redemption checks are mailed automatically at maturity.

In more than 400 synagogues around the United States and Canada, members will be given the opportunity on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur to indicate their interest in purchasing Israel Bonds to express their love for Israel, hope for Israel and pride in Israel.

Each Israel Bond purchased during the High Holidays or any other time of the year will, in the words Ben-Gurion spoke nearly 70 years ago, make Israel’s future safe and help attain its main purpose.

If you miss the opportunity to participate in a synagogue appeal during the High Holidays, Israel Bonds are available any time at Gift bonds starting at $36 are perfect for any simcha and carry much more Jewish meaning and reaffirmation of our values than cash or a check.

Israel’s economic resilience is built on three pillars. First, Israel has been proactive in developing far-reaching policies enabling its economy to remain stable in the face of ongoing global challenges.

Second, Israel’s leading and innovative technology sector attracts billions of dollars in foreign investment, hosts development centers that create jobs, rent and tax revenues, and generate global demand for Israeli products.

Finally, the Israel Bonds organization has generated $40 billion in worldwide sales for the country since 1951, bringing enormous economic benefit to the state and providing a safety net for the country to generate foreign investment in good times and bad.

“I like backing winners and am happy to own bonds of Israel,” said businessman Warren Buffett, the most successful investor in the world, while participating in an Israel Bonds event in June.

You can do the same. Go to to obtain prospectuses and rates and to set up an online account. You may also contact the Atlanta bonds office at 404-817-3500 and do your part to support Israel during the High Holidays and as we approach the 70th anniversary of her founding.

Thank you to the greater Atlanta community for your outstanding efforts on Israel’s behalf. May 5778 be a year of peace and prosperity for you, your family and loved ones and for the state of Israel and the Jewish people. Shana tova.


Art Katz is the Atlanta Advisory Council chairman for the Southeast regional office of Israel Bonds ( in Buckhead, and Brad Young is the executive director. This is not an offering, which can be made only by prospectus. Read the prospectus carefully before investing to fully evaluate the risks associated with investing in Israel Bonds. The Development Corporation for Israel is a FINRA member.


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