Jim Cramer Reveals One of the Most Important Investing Tips Ever

Get to the know the guy in the C-suite.

That bit of investing advice is according to TheStreet’s founder and Action Alerts PLUS portfolio manager Jim Cramer, who says if you’re unfamiliar with a new CEO of a company, that’s when you take a breather.

Cramer points to two stocks, Honeywell (HON) and Visa (V) , where he didn’t know the new CEO successors and subsequently sold shares for his charitable trust.

What’s Hot On TheStreet

Folks, sleepy Microsoft (MSFT) is anything but tired — it’s a growth company that Wall Street is badly underestimating.

How else could one sum up the tech giant’s results? From an analytical perspective, Microsoft just ticked off all the boxes on why one should stay bullish:

1. Epic earnings beat that signals Wall Street needs to materially hike its profit forecasts to adjust for Microsoft’s new normal.

2. CEO Satya Nadella’s shift to cloud services is paying off not only on one single area, but across product verticals.

3. The computing business has magically come alive amid a host of new products and marketing investments. So much for tablets taking over the world.

4. The impact of LinkedIn is being very underestimated by analysts — it notched $1.1 billion in sales during the most recent quarter. Microsoft has a nice short-term runway to surprise Wall Street with its big purchase.

5. Cash is being deployed to suck up outstanding shares — Microsoft’s cash deployment is also being overlooked to a large extent.

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