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Reaching out: Najib meeting people during the Umno division meeting in Kuala Lipis. — Bernama

MARAN: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak says for the economy to grow, continuous in­vest­ment in infrastructure is needed to spur the country’s deve­lopment progress.

He said this included investment in the development of Klang Valley.

“People have been asking why are we investing in Klang Valley rather than in areas where Barisan Nasional have always won. I agree with their sentiment, but still we must understand the theory of economy.

“When our economy grows, the country’s revenue will also increase and then we can allocate funds for development in rural areas,” Najib said before opening the Maran Umno division meeting in Pekan Tajau here yesterday.

He said if there were no projects like the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), there would not be jobs for people in places like Maran.

“We do not want to be just the village champion. We want to be successful in the whole wide world. We will then be respected and we can get more things.

“In August, I will launch the East Coast Rail Line (ECRL) project. Pla­ces like Bentong, Temerloh, Maran and Kuantan will reap the benefits.

“This project will change the socio-economic landscape of Pa­­hang, Terengganu and Kelantan.

“This is another success of our leadership that is respected by the international community. When we are successful, the results will flow right back here. Who else but our children will get jobs because of this project,” Najib said.

On a separate subject, Najib hit out at Pakatan Harapan’s multiple leaders, saying that it was impossible for them to have a clear direction with three skippers at the helm.

“They want to take over the country’s leadership but are they even clear what is the philosophy, ideology and substance of their struggle?

“Even their choice of prime mi­­nis­ter is so vague that they have come up with a term like interim prime minister. I have never heard of this before,” he said.

Earlier when opening the Lipis Umno division meeting in Kuala Lipis, Najib said changing the existing government was not a guarantee or the best solution to all pro­blems, as it could also be detrimental to the nation and the people.

He said the people should take a lesson from the rise of the people or the Arab Spring that saw many Middle Eastern countries such as Libya now in turmoil.

“Changing the government is not a solution; if it is better, then it makes sense … if worse, more disaster and more uncertainties … that’s a stupid thing to do.

“My doctor at the IJN (National Heart Institute) informed me about this Iraqi patient who, when asked if it was better then or now, said that even under hated President Saddam Hussein, at least they had food on the table, children could go to school, and the country was safe.

“However, look at it now, all destroyed. Changing an existing government does not guarantee better governance,” he added.

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