Kevin Maher: Airbnb is fine. It’s the neighbours from hell I hate | Times2

Don’t get me wrong, I love Airbnb. The wildly popular short-term property rental site and app has changed my feelings about holidays, travel and what it’s like to fall asleep in the bed of a complete stranger while staring at their family photos and trying to ignore the curious nausea-inducing odour coming from their laundry basket.

Yet I can’t stand the dishonesty. I’m talking, obviously, about the comments section. Here, once the holiday rental is finished, hosts are tasked with “rating” their guests online, as a helpful indicator of suitability to other potential hosts, while similarly guests must “rate” their hosts as a useful pointer for future users.

Naturally, everyone lies. Nobody wants a low rating and since the system works, bizarrely, on a tit-for-tat…

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