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Landlords remain confident over future of sector

A high-number of landlords remain confident about the future of the buy-to-let sector, despite recent tax alterations impacting on the market.

57% of landlords have not changed their view on the future of the sector, despite cuts to mortgage interest tax relief and alterations to stamp duty, according to research from buy-to-let investment platform Property Partner.


The survey discovered that many landlords seeking to minimise risks choose to invest in property, as they feel long-term trends will continue. They are hopeful that property prices will remain resilient despite economic and political upheaval.

Despite this bullishness surrounding property investment, experts at Property Partner expressed their surprise at how few investors are actually diversifying into property.

Only 19% of investors see property as a good way of diversifying their assets and only one in ten would-be landlords see investing in property is simple. 51% said that they were deterred by the thought of having to manage tenants.

Landlords remain confident over future of sector


Dan Gandesha, founder at CEO at Property Partner, observed: ‘This research underscores the confidence being shown in the buy-to-let sector across the UK. It really highlights that, despite efforts to increase the tax-take from landlords, investors continue to be bullish and see property as a secure, long term investment.’[1]

‘With no end in sight to the acute shortage in housing stock, there is an inevitability to the continuing upward pressure on prices. In the long-term, prices are expected to rise faster than the rate of inflation, economic growth and wages, despite recent political uncertainty,’ Mr Gandesha added.[1]



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