Letter: Pensions may be at risk with convention changes

Pensions may be at risk with convention changes

New York State residents who rely on our state pension system to fund retirements should take a long, hard look at the choice to convene a constitutional convention.

Our pension funds have remained safe and secure and weathered changes in the stock market for years due to wise management and lack of interference by our state government.

The pension system in the state of Florida suffered losses of $335 million under the stewardship of Jeb Bush and a Republican state legislature. They invested that money in Enron, since Bush was a personal friend of Ken Lay and Enron had donated money to candidates running for state office. New York has so far kept such nonsense from happening and I hope we continue to.

It is my understanding that if the ballot isn’t flipped over and the convention vote is left blank, it will count as a yes. I wonder if that will hold up in court and I also wonder why an automatic cheat has to be included if this is such a great idea for all of us.

Anne Duffy


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