Magaluf holiday: Crisis meeting called as MORE wild Brit pics emerge

Brit revellers were seen getting naked with outrageous footage and pics emerging from the island.

** CLICK here for pics showing it’s the messiest Magaluf season EVER **

Now Brit and German diplomats have met to talk about tackling the excesses of their young lads and lasses in Mallorca.


PARTY: Magaluf revellers enjoy the clubs on the island

Representatives from the consulates of the two countries struck the agreement on Wednesday with the capital Palma’s city council.

The meeting was attended by the British vice-consul, Lucy Gorman, her German counterpart Sabina Karola and the local mayor Antoni Noguera.

“They can really stay at home”

Antoni Noguera

According to local paper 20 Minutos, the diplomats agreed to work together to “eradicate” the problem of drunken behaviour on the island.

This comes as a series of strip clubs were shut down in Magaluf.

Authorities continued their campaign to curb the debauched behaviour routinely witnessed.

Brits have been causing havoc in MagalufINSTAGRAM

WILD: Brits have been causing havoc in party resort Magaluf

In recent years the resort has been working to rebrand itself as a family-friendly holiday destination rather than a magnet for boozy Brits.

Calvia Council rolled out a list of 64 banned activities including urinating in the street, begging, drinking alcohol in particular public spaces and climbing trees.

If broken, tourists could be fined between €100 to €3,000 (£88 to £2,640).

But this hasn’t stopped Brits.

Spanish cops had to deal with 687 incidents of bad behaviour during June alone.

The most common complaint related to illegal street selling with 472 complaints lodged to officials.

During the beginning of this year’s holiday season 18 people were caught having sex in public.

There were also 46 cases of drug-taking, 40 of nudism and semi-nudism and 21 cases of boozing on the street.

In recent years the Mallorcan resort has been working to rebrand itself as a family-friendly holiday destination rather than a magnet for boozy Brits.

But it’s not just Brits – the behaviour of young German holidaymakers has come under increasing scrutiny.

Earlier this month Noguera gave an interview criticising the behaviour of German tourists, who he said are tarnishing his city.

Noguera said: “They can really stay at home when it comes to me.

“I can well imagine that it is a disgrace for many Germans, how some of their countrymen behave in Mallorca.”

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