Malaysian GP: No cars finish South East Asia Formula 4 support race – F1

Every driver failed to finish in a Formula 4 South East Asia Championship support race to Formula 1’s Malaysian Grand Prix on Saturday.

With a reshuffled timetable caused by the broken drain that cut short Formula 1’s second free practice session, two F4 events were run back-to-back on Saturday morning at Sepang.

The first event passed without drama and was won by Daniel Cao, but the second was one of the most bizarre races in recent memory.

Towards the end of the second race, the first of the nine cars began running out of fuel.

Cao came to a halt along with three other cars on lap six of the eight lap race, with three more cars coming to a halt on lap six.

Race organisers called out a safety car because there were cars stranded in dangerous positions around the circuit.

As the final lap got under way, only Kane Shepherd was running.

Despite going slowly his car also ran out of fuel as he exited Turn 2, leaving the safety car alone to complete the final lap.

Shepherd was declared the winner on the provisional classification, with the result having been declared after seven laps

It is understood the lack of fuel was caused by a miscalculation on how much petrol was needed to complete both races, as the back-to-back running was unusual and the cars were refuelled in the gap.

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