Mental Health Experts Testify in Adrian Loya Murder Trial


BARNSTABLE – The Adrian Loya murder trial continued Wednesday in Barnstable Superior Court, with mental health experts testifying about his mental condition.

Prosecutors say Loya forced his way into a Bourne condominium in February 2015, killing Coast Guard Petty Officer Lisa Trubnikova, and injuring her wife, Petty Officer Anna Trubnikova.

Anna Trubnikova delivered gripping and emotional testimony on Tuesday about the attack, detailing the final moments of Lisa’s life after both had been shot.

Jurors also heard the 911 call made by Anna Trubnikova as she begged for help to arrive.

Bourne Police Officer Jared MacDonald was shot in the back while responding and has spent the last two-plus years recovering.

During testimony Wednesday morning, Dr. Martin Kelly testified for the prosecution that Loya did not suffer from a schizoid personality disorder at the time of the shooting.

Loya was previously deemed competent to stand trial, but defense attorney Drew Segadelli argues his client was not able to understand the wrongfulness of his actions and is arguing an insanity defense.

Loya has been held at Bridgewater State Hospital since he was arrested shortly after the incident.

He’s charged with murder, three counts of armed assault to murder; three counts of aggravated assault and battery; two counts of armed home invasion; two counts of armed assault in a dwelling; three counts of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony; two counts of armed kidnapping with serious bodily injury; burglary and assault on an occupant; arson of a motor vehicle; possession of a hoax device; assault and battery on a police officer; and 10 counts of possession of a large capacity feeding device.

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