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Mercedes is to reveal its first all-electric car at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 this week. 

The EQA concept electric car has been teased in the run-up to the announcement, hinting at a truly stunning new vehicle. 

It is a revision of the EQ concept electric car teased last year, which debuted a new design language for the range.

The original EQ’s design didn’t win us over thanks to the eyesore LED front grille.

However, it seems the German car manufacturer has revised its design and created a sleeker and more sporty look. 

This new EQ concept electric car really looks like a Mercedes, something which wasn’t true of its predecessor.

It still retains the LED front-grille but its shape has been altered to look more in-line with the manufacturer’s current range. 

No details about the three-door hatchback’s specs but it is likely to be powered by an electric motor targeting the front-wheels. 

Whether or not Mercedes add a higher power dual motor version of the car remains to be seen. 

The version that debuts at Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 his week is merely a prototype and a production model will only arrive in 2019.

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