Monument bill’s sponsor: “City of Birmingham in violation of state law”

An Alabama Senator said Birmingham city leaders broke a law he created when they placed a cover around the Confederate monument in Linn Park.

Senator Gerald Allen of Tuscaloosa County sponsored the Memorial Preservation Act.

Under the new law, historical monuments on public property are protected by the state.

According to Allen, for monuments standing more than 40 years, cities must petition the state court system to remove or alter the statue.

Senator Allen wishes Birmingham leaders followed the process.

“It was very disappointing hearing the Mayor’s comments. Here we have historic monuments and statues in the state regardless of what era it may be. It may be the American Indian, it may be the Civil Rights Movement, it may be the Confederacy. Whatever it may be, it’s about history,” Senator Allen explained.

The senator said The City of Birmingham could face a $25,000 fine for covering the Confederate monument.

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