Motorists back State support for electric car rollout


An online poll of close to 5,000 motorists found that more than 70pc of respondents are, more or less, in favour of the State investing in charging points for electric cars.

Just over 40pc of respondents said they strongly agree that the Government should make the nationwide installation of e-charging points a priority, while a third of respondents, said they somewhat agree.

The poll of 4,861 motorists, during an AA Car Insurance survey, also found men are more likely to be in favour of building an e-charging infrastructure than women.

Less than a third (32.1pc) of female respondents said the nationwide roll-out of e-charging points should be a Government priority, compared with 43.7pc of male respondents.

The survey was conducted a week after the Irish Independent reported virtually every make of car sold in Ireland will have an electric version in the foreseeable future.

The survey by Independent Motors, published at the end of July, found that some car manufacturers already have all-electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrids on the market or plan to roll them out within the next few years. It found that e-cars are gaining significant traction among manufacturers. Opel said its new electric Ampera-e model will be available here in 2019 and is expected to account for 7pc of its fleet within a year.

Other car manufacturers said they expected to see exponential growth in the demand for electric cars in the next three to five years.

AA Ireland also expects the number of electric car owners to grow “significantly” in the near future.

“Our rescue team continues to invest in additional technology to respond to electric car breakdowns as within the next few years we expect to see these vehicles become a more regular sight on our roads,” said Conor Faughnan, AA director of consumer affairs.

“We know fossil fuels are running out and, with this in mind, it’s important our Government makes the necessary investments now to ensure that Ireland is prepared for the future of motoring.”


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