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If you planned to drive north of town Saturday morning, you might want to consider that cattle will be on the move.

Drivers can expect a delay between 7 and 8 a.m. while cowboys from Pinto Ranch herd almost 300 cattle along Highway 26/89/191 from Elk Ranch Flats to the ranch in Buffalo Valley.

The cattle must cross the bridge over the Buffalo Fork River due to unfavorable water conditions.

Grand Teton National Park officials said they will try to minimize inconvenience to motorists driving near Moran. Park rangers will direct traffic.

Officials suggest bypassing the delays by taking Teton Park Road between Jackson Lake Junction and Moose.

Summer grazing in the national park by the Pinto Ranch’s herd was grandfathered in with legislation passed in 1950. The cattle grazed in Pacific Creek until 2008, when the threat of conflicts with predators caused the ranch to switch to Elk Ranch Flats.


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