Msando murder: Hire foreign IT experts, accept FBI, Scotland Yard help – NASA

IEBC should hire foreign IT experts to look into the KIEMS following IEBC manager Chris Msando’s death, NASA has said.

Msando was found dead in Mguga Forest, Kikuyu and the body taken to City Mortuary in Nairobi on Saturday.

He was to oversee the testing of electronic voter transmission yesterday. Following his death, IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati postponed the exercise.

In an address to the media on Tuesday, NASA co-principal Musalia Mudavadi said Kenyans will not trust anybody who takes his place as IEBC ICT director.

“To restore the shaken confidence in electronic systems, IEBC should immediately secure the services of an internationally recognised expert to oversee the KIEMS,” he said.

“With the reported intimidation of IEBC officials, Kenyans will not believe whoever takes the late Msando’s place will perform the job with the integrity that Msando brought.”

The Amani National Congress leader further urged the government to accept Scotland Yard (UK) and FBI (USA) offers to assist in investigations into Msando’s murder.

“We are most grateful for this offer of high level assistance and urge the government to speedily accept it.”

Mudavadi expressed disappointment that neither President Uhuru Kenyatta nor DP William Ruto have addressed claims Msando was tortured and then murdered.

“We want to express our horror that our own have not uttered a word of condemnation of this heinous crime,” he said.

“This murder has jeopardised Kenyans’ faith in the credibility of the electoral process and yet it seems that even this is not moving these leaders to speak up.”

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While calling for speedy investigations into the murder, Mudavadi said the election will not be free and fair unless the security of IEBC officials is maintained

“Unless dramatic steps are taken, Kenyans will not be sure of the credibility of polls.”

Earlier, Human Rights Watch said the killing of Msando was catastrophic for his family and the country’s preparations for the election next Tuesday.

The rights group asked Kenyan authorities to urgently investigate the killing.

IG Joseph Boinnet said a Special DCI Homicide Team has been put together to look into the matter.

A post mortem has not yet been carried out and the body was moved from City Mortuary to Lee Funeral under unclear circumstances.

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