mutual fund: Best largecap mutual fund schemes to invest in 2017


Updated: Sep 26, 2017, 10.18 AM IST


Many investors want to invest in equity schemes, but they are wary of the risks involved in investing in stocks. Such individuals can consider investing in largecap mutual fund schemes.

As the name explains, largecap schemes invest in very large companies (or stocks with largecap market capitalisations). For example, some largecap schemes invest in BSE top 100 stocks. These companies may be leaders in their segments and they are less prone to volatility. They may also fall less during a bad phase in the market. The opposite is also true: they also won’t zoom like unknown stocks when the market is in a bull phase.

These factors make largecap mutual fund schemes suitable for equity investors with low risk appetite. As you may have realised by now, largecap schemes offer stable moderate returns. That means if you are looking for eye-popping returns, you should not invest in largecap schemes.

Finally, if you are a conservative equity investor, you can bet on largecap schemes to create wealth for your long-term financial goals like retirement, child’s education, etc.

Here are our recommended largecap schemes. You may invest in them with a minimum investment horizon of five years.

best large cap schemes to invest in 2017

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