New Trout Season Perfect School Holidays Opportunity


New Trout Season Perfect School Holidays

The new trout fishing season opens this
weekend throughout the country, providing parents with a
great family school holiday activity.

For months,
freshwater anglers have been eagerly anticipating the start
of the new trout and salmon fishing season on Sunday 1

Licences for the 2017-18 season have been on sale
for six weeks and already, thousands have been sold.

two week school holiday break also begins this weekend and
Fish & Game Communications Manager Don Rood says the timing
of the fishing season opening is great for

“The start of the new season always provides
the opportunity for families and mates to

“This year, it means that from Sunday, the
whole family can head out together for an outdoors
adventure,” says Don Rood.

“It is a great opportunity
to get the children into the outdoors and introducing them
to the joys of fishing.

“With any luck, they will catch
their first trout and head home with some fresh wild food
for the barbecue or smoker.”

Don Rood says families have
been catered for with a special licence.

“Fish & Game
has made it easier to take the family fishing with the
family licence, which allows parents and their children to
fish together. It also allows grandparents to take their
grandchildren fishing.

“As well, children can get a free
fishing licence, while teenagers up to the age of 18 can get
a licence for the whole season for $27 – much cheaper than
the adult licence.”

Licences are available at sporting
stores or online through the Fish & Game website

“Buying online is straightforward
– all people have to do is choose the licence option
that’s best for them and a few clicks later they will have
bought it,” says Don Rood.

“I urge everyone to get out
there and give it a


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