No cars allowed on Illinois forest road during annual snake, amphibian migrations | Illinois

HARRISBURG, Ill.  •  A 2 ½ mile-long road in southern Illinois’ Shawnee National Forest is closing Friday for an annual migration of snakes and amphibians.

The roadway closes every year so that the animals can make their gradual, two-month move from areas where they live during the summer to winter hibernation habitats. Some species are considered threatened or endangered in Illinois and the U.S.

The road is called Snake Road, but it’s also known as LaRue Road or Forest Service Road No. 345. The road southwest of Murphysboro is open to pedestrians, but closed to vehicles until Oct. 30.

The (Carbondale) Southern Illinoisan reports that people from across the country come to witness the migration. About 66 percent of amphibians and 59 percent of reptiles that live in Illinois are in the area.

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