Number of pupils expelled from UK schools soars by 12 per cent — with experts blaming teacher shortages and pressures in class

THE number of pupils expelled from school soared last year.

Official figures show a 12 per cent rise on average, with a doubling or trebling in some areas.

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The number of expulsions from UK schools has risen by 12 per cent in a year

Experts blame rising pressures in class, with fewer staff and more focus on results.

Freedom of information data from 118 local authorities in England shows expulsions doubled in 12 areas in the last school year compared with 2015/16 — including Redcar and Cleveland, and Newcastle.

In 25 areas they rose by 50 per cent, while in Slough they were up 340 per cent.

Behaviour expert Jarlath O’Brien told the Times Educational Supplement: “Schools have fewer support staff, so feel they have less capacity to handle issues. Instead, they’re excluding pupils.”

Retired headmaster Colin Harris said: “When cuts are made, the people supporting mental health needs and behavioural needs go first.”

The local authorities said the rises were in part down to rising numbers of pupils.

 Slough saw a mammoth 340 per cent rise in school expulsions
Slough saw a mammoth 340 per cent rise in school expulsions
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