Oct. 2 holiday enables unprecedented golden week

By Kim Bo-eun

The Cabinet approved Oct. 2 a temporary holiday, which will extend the Chuseok holiday to 10 days.

The temporary holiday will allow the public an unprecedented long vacation from Sept. 30 to Oct. 9.

“This will enable the people to enjoy up 10 days of holidays,” President Moon Jae-in said during a Cabinet meeting at Cheong Wa Dae, Tuesday.

“Although it may seem inappropriate to discuss holiday matters amid a grave security situation, if the government designates the temporary holiday with shorter notice, this would have made it difficult for the public to plan ahead,” Moon said.

“Setbacks may occur for the export industries and a sudden holiday at daycare centers may pose inconvenience to the public.”

He was referring to the grounds for setting the holiday relatively far in advance.

The period includes the traditional autumn harvest holiday of Chuseok, as well as two other national holidays _ National Foundation Day and Hangul Proclamation Day.

“I hope the holiday will serve as a time of rest and comfort for the public,” Moon said.

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