Officers check slaughterhouse norms at Eid

The Health Control Sections of Al Rayyan and Al Shamal municipalities supervised the process of slaughtering livestock during Eid al-Adha at the slaughterhouses within their respective jurisdiction.
For Al Rayyan Municipality, more than 5,100 carcasses were inspected and 200 destroyed for being unfit for consumption.
The municipality’s Health Control Section also conducted around 100 inspection tours on the traditional eateries, commercial outlets, and other food shops.
These resulted in one violation report, according to Law Number 8 (1990) regulating human foods control.
In addition, 20 warnings were issued to some outlets to modify their situation in accordance with the standard regulations.
The Al Rayyan Municipality’s Health Control Section also received related complaints round-the-clock during Eid holidays.
All the necessary measures were taken to adequately address a total of 12 complaints.
Similarly, the veterinarians of Al Shamal Municipality’s Health Control Section inspected all the slaughtered livestock at Al Shamal slaughterhouse.
There were 820 carcasses, including both the subsidised Arabian sheep and the Australian sheep.
Throughout the recent Eid holidays, Al Khor Family Park at Al Khor and Al Thakhira Municipality received nearly 6,000 visitors from September 1-8, according to the number of the entry tickets sold.
Children aged nine years and under accompanied by their families were given free entry to the park.
The number of the visitors of the park in July and August were 3,055 and 2,006, respectively.
The Ministry of Municipality and Environment’s Public Cleaning Department has meanwhile cleaned Al Sharaawah Island.
In addition to clearing all the rubbish and refuse materials, dead turtles that had washed ashore were also removed.

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