Over 140 abandoned cars seized in Abu Dhabi

Owners of over 140 cars that were impounded after authorities found them abandoned for many weeks on Abu Dhabi streets will each be fined Dh3,000.

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality said on Sunday that it has carried out an extensive inspection campaign targeting vehicles left unattended for extended periods in residential areas and public areas. 

The drive is aimed at maintaining the city’s landscape and preserving its environment.

During the campaign, which covered Musaffah and Mafraq Industrial areas, 141 violations were issued against owners of vehicles abandoned for long period of time. As many as 289 car owners were warned as dust had accumulated on their vehicles in a way that distorted the aesthetic appearance of the city. Owners of cars that were impounded will also be fined.

The municipality called upon all community members to keep their vehicles clean to avoid the fine of Dh3,000 as stipulated by Law No (2) for 2012. If the offender reports to the municipality, a settlement will be offered, including payment of only 50 per cent of the fine.

However, the fine will double for recurrent offenders, and daily impounding fees will apply, depending on the type of vehicle, and the area from which the vehicle had been removed.

The municipality is combating the violation under Law No. 2/2012, governing the general appearance, health and public tranquillity in the Abu Dhabi emirate.

The revised executive regulation provides for affixing offence notices on the violating vehicles for three days instead of 14. 

Upon the lapse of the period without the vehicle being removed, the municipality will tow them away to the impounding yard at Al Wathba so that they don’t become a source of public nuisance. The law applies to all vehicles, trailers, boats and the likes.

The municipality is keen to continue such campaigns to educate the public about the consequences of this practice, along with its adverse impacts on the community and the environment.


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