Pervy UFOs ‘keep being spotted’ near Welsh nudist beach, experts claim

Aliens often seem to have an unhealthy interest in human sexuality – just ask any alien abductee who’s been ‘probed’.

This time, the dirty little green men seem to have an alarming interest in a popular Welsh nudist beach – with craft showing up repeatedly.

The beaches and sand dunes at Morfa Dyffryn between Barmouth and Harlech in north Wales have been noted as a place of interest for extra-terrestrial activity by US-based MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network).

The organisation logs reported UFO sightings and has put up a helpful poster, telling people to watch out for aliens.

The notice reads: ‘A number of unexplainable sightings have been apparitions have been reported in this area, day and night.

Pervy UFOs 'keep being spotted' near Welsh nudist beach, experts claim

‘Strange lights, plasma balls and other apparitions have been reported. These occurences have been noted in areas out to sea, the beaches and within the sand dunes.

‘The public are encouraged to report any sightings or sounds and to take photographs which may be used in the scientific study of these events.’

One report on the MUFON website describes one of the sightings: ‘Walking my dog on the beach, my son took some photos and after uploading them to the
computer I noticed this orb-like object on several of them.

Another claimed to have seen a UFO in the area. They wrote: ‘It had glowing 5-6 rings and was slowly moving in a circle. from the side it had some lights.

A spokesperson from MUFON said: ‘We are fully committed to the expert and quality analysis of UFOs, as their knowledge is useful to our advancement as a human species.

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