PHOTOS: Sunny skies and busy beaches during holiday fun

SOUTHERNERS are flocking to Noosa as warm weather entices interstate families to our beaches.

This week Queensland and states below the border were all on school holidays, and tourism numbers swelled in the crossover.

Merridy Thomas visits Noosa twice a year with her family, staying in their holiday home on the hill near Noosa Main Beach.

“My grandmother was very clever to buy a house on the hill when we were eight, and it’s now our home when we holiday here,” Ms Thomas said.

“I’ve been coming to Noosa on holidays since I was eight, and I’m 50 next year.

“We’re three families – from Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide – and we all meet up again in Noosa. It’s wonderful.

“It’s the number one location for families with small kids. It’s safe and always warm.”


Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shop on Hastings St proved a popular way for children and adults to cool down.

Manager Jess Barton said the staff had been selling twice as much ice cream as they normally would during the spring break.

“On normal days we top and flip the ice cream, which is like rotating and filling, maybe twice a day – this week it’s been four times a day, plus,” Jess said.

“The turnover of ice cream is crazy. And it’s starting earlier too, from 9 or 9.30 in the morning we have customers wanting sundaes and ice cream. It’s non stop.”

“Because of the different states we have that three week spread of school holidays.”

Mum Sarah Foote arrived from Melbourne on Wednes- day, and coincidentally ran into two other family friends from Melbourne.

“We arrived this morning. I hadn’t even checked in my luggage yet, and the girls ran down to the beach and saw their friends,” Ms Foote said.

“They all go to kindy together, so it was a bit strange we all met up on the beach.”

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