Police: 3 cases of customers paying for pizza with counterfeit bills | Crime and Courts

A string of counterfeit bills were reported in Lincoln this week, including three cases involving pizza restaurants, police say.

On Tuesday night, a driver from Pizza Hut, 1550 S. Coddington, delivered pizza to a home on the 1200 block of South 10th Street, Officer Angela Sands said.

A woman at the home paid with cash. The driver later realized the bills were “obviously fake,” Sands said.

The driver reported the counterfeit money to the Lincoln Police Department.

A couple days later, another Pizza Hut customer paid with counterfeit money — a fake $50 bill — during Thursday’s lunch rush. Police spoke with the customer, who was unaware the bill was counterfeit. 

Toppers Pizza also had a customer attempt to pay one of its drivers with counterfeit money using two fake $20 bills Thursday at 2:30 a.m., said Sands. 

There were nine cases of counterfeit bills this week, including fake bills found at Walgreens and Cornhusker Bank, police say.

Police investigate counterfeit cases by tracking the bills’ origin, speaking with counterfeit bill holders and watching security footage.

Sands said no arrests have been made for the counterfeit cases this week.

LPD has investigated 138 counterfeit cases so far this year, which Sands said was comparable to 2016, which had 300 cases.

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