Police car hit in long, ‘slow-speed chase’ through Otago


The fleeing car, boxed in by three police cars, can be seen swerving into one of them in the video.

On her way home on Sunday, Otago resident Andi Smyth found herself behind a police pursuit and decided to hit the record button.

What followed was an eight-minute video, posted on her Facebook page, of what she describes as “a slow-speed car chase”, culminating in a police car being hit.

A bright red patrol car is in pursuit of a white vehicle, stuck behind a white van towing a trailer and a grey station wagon.

Once at a passing lane, the station wagon and the vehicle being chased overtake the van.

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Moments later, the station wagon finally pulls over, leaving the road clear for the police and the motorist to continue their pursuit unhindered.

“I just can’t believe he was overtaking in the passing lane with a cop car behind him with flashing lights,” Smyth can be heard saying.

At one point, the chase reaches a speed of 105kmh.

“He’s not going to give up, is he? If he gives up, I’ll be very disappointed.”

As the drivers continue over a rise, a white police car with flashing lights can be seen on the road ahead.

But instead of following the officer’s lead to pull over, the vehicle in pursuit tries to drive around.

“He was going to go around him but the other cop car had to pull out in front him,” Smyth says.

The police officer tries to box the driver in but the fleeing driver refuses to stop, and tries to overtake the lead officer.

“Oh, you’re kidding me.”

At about the seven-minute mark, Smyth is overtaken by another police officer to take the total amount of cars involved in the chase to five.

“This is the most exciting trip home we’ve had in a while,” Smyth says.

With the oncoming lane clear ahead, the third police officer tries to box the car in.

But the fleeing driver hits the car, then speeds off with the other two police cars in pursuit.

Smyth and her companion decide to pull over and “wait here for a bit”.

A police spokesperson confirmed they were called at 2pm about a car that was “displaying some concerning driving behaviour”.

“Police kept an eye out for it and spotted it at about 2.15pm – it failed to stop for police and there was a pursuit from Balclutha to Old Coach Rd, lasting until about 3pm.

“The car was spiked at that point and the driver was taken into custody.”

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